Unpacking California’s English Language Development Standards

Focus Area: English Learners


Phase: Targeted Support

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During this introductory workshop, educators will explore California’s ELD Framework and the key principles of language development. While building this foundational knowledge, educators will analyze how to integrate the ELD Standards and key language uses into their classroom to provide dedicated space for language practice throughout instruction and content.  By the end of this session educators will be able to access and interpret the ELD Standards and begin to think about how to apply their new learning to instruction with their students.


This workshop is designed for K-12 classroom educators who are responsible for daily instruction of ELs.  This is for districts and schools who utilize California’s ELPAC Assessment and English Language Development Standards.


I integrate English Language Proficiency Standards to support English Learners with content and language development.

Learning Experience

During the workshop, participants will…


  • California’s ELD Framework
  • The importance of teaching language and content together
  • Language development key principles


  • How to access and read the standards
  • The ELD Standards and key language uses (narrate, argue, inform, explain)


  • A plan to apply new learning with their students