We're Better Together

We work to foster resilient, resourceful, independent learners capable of making a difference in their communities and the wider world.

Our Story

Founded by teachers for teachers, BetterLesson began in 2008 with a single mission: to provide a simple way for educators to connect and share high-quality lesson plans. We were tired of seeing our colleagues’ engaging and effective lessons disappear into filing cabinets.

We needed a better solution. So, we did what teachers do—we created it ourselves.

Today, BetterLesson Plans has over 1.4 million members and offers over a million community lessons as well as thousands of lesson plans from our Master Teachers, a highly selective group of the nation’s best educators.

Our Master Teacher Project, launched in 2012 and offered in partnership with the NEA, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and The Learning Accelerator, provides comprehensive lesson plans in K-12 Math, Science, English, and Blended Learning from high-performing teachers. These plans cover not only the what, but also the how of effective curriculum.

BetterLesson Professional Learning brings the research-based instructional strategies used by Master Teachers directly into classrooms through our four services: 1:1 Coaching, Design Workshops, Learning Series, and Learning Walks. Acting as thought partners and guides, our coaches help educators continuously iterate on their practice, which leads to dramatic results in both student outcomes and teacher satisfaction.

We’ve worked with over a thousand educators in hundreds of schools, districts, and organizations, partnering to support their development of the next generation of students equipped with the skills and mindsets they need to be successful in the classroom and beyond.

Our Mission

To support every teacher in developing the next generation of resourceful, compassionate, and resilient learners.

Our Impact

BetterLesson is built on partnerships: with the teachers and leaders we coach, the district leaders with whom we design tailored professional learning solutions, and other education organizations who share our goals for students. That’s because great teaching is a partnership – between a dedicated educator and student.

We are proud of the impact our instructional resources and professional learning services have on teachers, schools, and ultimately students. Join us.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Just as we seek to increase opportunities for students to learn in equitable environments, BetterLesson is also committed to pursuing equity in the workplace. BetterLesson believes that it can achieve its educational and service mission only by creating and sustaining an environment that values and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Team

We are a dedicated and growing team of teaching practice gurus, educational opportunity devotees, and product development specialists. We place tremendous value on our company’s roots and culture: a shared passion to transform professional learning for educators at scale and a sense of urgency to achieve this vision.

We offer a unique opportunity to join a small team, work flexible hours, and make a massive impact on our education system. All candidates should have the experience, competence, and enthusiasm to dive in headfirst and rapidly solve complex, exciting, and interconnected problems.

BetterLesson Onsite - Team Exercise
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Our Leadership

Matthew Kennard, CEO
Matthew Kennard
Chief Executive Officer
Alex Grodd -- Founder and CEO
Alex Grodd
Erin Osborn -- Founder and COO
Erin Osborn
Ed Rayner -- Chief Financial Officer
Ed Rayner
Chief Financial Officer
Amber Orenstein, SVP Product
Amber Orenstein
Senior Vice President, Product
Daniel Guerrero, Vice President, Learning Design
Daniel Guerrero
Vice President, Learning Design
Hannah Larkin
Vice President, Services
Jeff Liberty -- Senior Vice President, Innovation
Jeff Liberty
Senior Vice President, Innovation
Jenna Keaney -- Vice President, Coaching
Jenna Keaney
Vice President, Professional Learning
Annalisa Oswald, Vice President, Product Design
Annalisa Oswald
Vice President, Product Design
Nivia Vega-Claussen, VP, Partnerships
Nivia Vega-Claussen
Vice President, Partnerships

Board of Directors

Alex Grodd -- Founder and CEO
Alex Grodd
Founder and CEO, BetterLesson
Chris Cerf -- Former Superintendent, Newark Public Schools
Chris Cerf
Former Superintendent, Newark Public Schools
Erin Osborn -- Founder and COO
Erin Osborn
Founder and COO, BetterLesson
Jami O'Toole -- Senior Director, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
Jami O'Toole
Senior Director, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
Jennifer Carolan -- General Partner, Reach Capital
Jennifer Carolan
General Partner, Reach Capital
Tory Patterson -- Managing Director, Owl Venture
Tory Patterson
Managing Director, Owl Ventures
Vinay Mohta -- Former Founder and CTO, Kyruus
Vinay Mohta
Former Founder and CTO, Kyruus
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Our Investors and Partners

Our Values

Learn by Doing

Be brave. Embrace experimentation, failure, reflection, and iteration.

Pursue Equity

Commit to closing the opportunity gap in education. Commit to examining biases, shifting actions and views, and dismantling unjust systems.

Bring Urgency

Teachers and students need support now; approach each day with a sense of purpose, priority, ambition, and competency.

Act With Data

Be curious. Use data to drive conversations, form perspectives, challenge assumptions, and make decisions.

Grow Together

Invest deeply in your own personal growth and strive to unleash the greatness of others.

Exercise Ownership

Find and solve problems. Take initiative and be accountable.

Be Constructive

Give direct and honest feedback. Approach conversations with a generosity of spirit.

Do You

Be yourself. Be well. Light up others. Keep it quirky.

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