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Instructional Coaching from Education Professionals

Work with your coach to overcome challenges, create effective systems, and apply new strategies to create student-centered classrooms.

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Personalized Virtual 1:1 Instructional Coaching

Effective coaching is personalized, ongoing, and provides actionable next steps for each participant.

BetterLesson coaches create a safe space where teachers, leaders, and instructional coaches can focus on the exact areas they need to grow so they get the right level of support when it’s needed most.

Guide to Implementing Instructional Coaching

A Scalable and Measurable Coaching Process

1:1 Virtual Sessions

Coaches help educators identify goals and implement research-based instructional strategies.


Our Try-Measure-Learn system encourages educators to try new strategies, measure effectiveness and learn from the results.

Measured with Actionable Data

Measure the impact new skills and practices have on student engagement with the TeachFX app. The app records audio and provides real-time feedback to teachers by surfacing insights through AI.

Educator Support & Improvement

Educators implement instructional strategies and work to master skills to create a more student-centered practice.

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Practice Application of New Practices Through 1:1 Coaching

As part of a strategic learning journey, 1:1 Coaching provides educators with a safe space and expert guidance to explore new concepts or skills within a focus area and apply in practice, creating actionable and sustainable changes. Personalized short or long-term coaching sessions are the perfect way to provide opportunities for educators to put new strategies into practice.

Make Learning Actionable Through Coaching

As part of a strategic learning journey, coaching can support small cohorts of educators focused on driving similar change or new teachers and paraprofessionals as they build their craft. In 1:1 sessions, participants learn to apply new skills through our Try-Measure-Learn approach with the guidance of a master coach.

“This coaching experience was tailored to my vision and goals. Amazing support and a portfolio was created to help me track my progress and learning as well as reflect on my practice. The regularly shared meetings were timed perfectly for check-ins.”

“[My coach] met me where I was and worked with me on what I needed. She was able to offer suggestions, be a sounding board, and give encouragement when needed. This type of coaching was empowering.”

“I have seen tremendous change in my teachers and thus students who participated in this program. The ability to get a one-on-one coach to support your pedagogy is something that our teachers appreciated! According to our data, we have experienced growth and an increase in grade-level proficiency in every content area.”

Our Impact
95% of Teachers say coaching had a positive impact on student outcomes.
97% of Leaders say educators improved their practice through coaching.
96% of Teachers would recommend BetterLesson coaching to colleagues.
94% of Teachers who received coaching said they were more likely to stay in the profession.

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