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1:1 Job-Embedded Coaching for Educators

Pair teachers and leaders with instructional coaches for personalized ongoing support as they try new strategies and work toward target outcomes.

Instructional Coaching From Experienced Educators

Virtual coaching offers educators of all levels the opportunity to work with a veteran educator to build the skills needed to solve their most pressing challenges. Teachers, leaders, and internal coaches are specially paired with a BetterLesson instructional coach to discuss challenges in a safe space, learn new strategies, measure the efficacy of new practices, and create plans for continuous improvement throughout the school year. BetterLesson coaches bring practical, lived experiences to every coaching session to support teachers and leaders as they implement research-based practices to achieve measurable outcomes.

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The Framework for Effective Instructional Coaching


Educators work with their coach to learn new strategies that they can immediately implement in their classroom, school, or district.


Coaches help educators identify specific student outcomes to measure the efficacy of new teaching practices.


Using the data they collected, educators and coaches collaborate to strategically choose their next steps as they continue to work together to improve student outcomes.

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Matched with Experienced Coaches

All BetterLesson instructional coaches are high-performing, veteran educators with expertise in adult learning. Our team of 130+ coaches come from diverse backgrounds across different leadership levels, geographical regions, subject expertise, and curriculum experience. Many of our coaches are state Teachers of the Year, have introduced new curricula or programs at their schools, provided instructional coaching across teams of teachers, or have been recognized within their district for exceptional practice.

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Support for Teachers to Build Student-Centered Classrooms

Teachers need personalized, ongoing guidance and support to achieve meaningful professional learning outcomes. When paired with a BetterLesson instructional coach, teachers gain a trusted expert who can guide them through their unique classroom challenges, learn new skills, and try research-backed teaching strategies to meet the needs of all learners.

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Personalized Guidance for Leaders to Transform Districts

The work instructional leaders do is critical to the success of students, but leaders often find themselves isolated within their roles without the specialized professional learning they need to grow. Coaching provides leaders with an experienced partner who has a background in school or district leadership to develop their capacity to lead and support both teachers and students.

The Phases of Connected Professional Learning

Instructional Coaching is one component of a professional learning program that uses layered learning experiences paced throughout the school year to create lasting changes. A connected professional learning program provides every educator with differentiated learning experiences and works toward specific, measurable outcomes to ensure both teachers and leaders gain the tools and resources they need to help all students succeed.

A Flexible and Scalable Coaching Program

Build an instructional coaching program that’s tailored to the specific needs of your educators. Our team will work with you to design a professional learning plan that’s built from varied learning experiences, including different coaching options depending on your district’s needs and goals.

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Short-Cycle Coaching

Dive deeper into a specific topic by pairing short-cycle coaching with a virtual workshop. Participants will engage in four coaching sessions after a virtual workshop to work toward that workshop’s outcome using the Try-Measure-Learn method.

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Targeted Coaching

Master one or more outcomes through eight coaching sessions that give participants the opportunity to work more closely with their instructional coach as they try new strategies, measure results, and develop their practice.

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Unlimited Coaching

Offer educators the greatest level of support with an unlimited number of 30-minute coaching sessions throughout the school year. Educators will be able to access personalized guidance when it’s needed the most to create meaningful and lasting changes in practice.

The Impact of Instructional Coaching
95% of teachers say BetterLesson coaching had a positive impact on student outcomes
97% of leaders say educators improved their practice through BetterLesson coaching
96% of teachers would recommend BetterLesson coaching to colleagues
94% of teachers who received BetterLesson coaching said they were more likely to stay in the profession

“I have seen tremendous change in my teachers and thus students who participated in this program. The ability to get a one-on-one coach to support your pedagogy is something that our teachers appreciated! According to our data, we have experienced growth and an increase in grade-level proficiency in every content area.”

“This coaching experience was tailored to my vision and goals. Amazing support and a portfolio was created to help me track my progress and learning as well as reflect on my practice. The regularly shared meetings were timed perfectly for check-ins.”

“[My coach] met me where I was and worked with me on what I needed. She was able to offer suggestions, be a sounding board, and give encouragement when needed. This type of coaching was empowering.”

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