Learning Experiences for Educators

Help educators create equitable learning environments that meet all students where they are academically and emotionally.

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Personalized Professional Learning, at Scale

Create a personalized professional development journey that advances your teachers’ and leaders’ practice, elevates your culture of learning, and embeds a student-centered approach across your district.

36,000 educators coached
1 million students impacted
5,400 workshops delivered

Personalized, Job-Embedded Learning Experiences

We meet each educator and leader where you are. Our learning experiences are offered virtually and in person to support learning and long-term adoption of practices.

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BL Connect

An on-demand library of professional learning courses filled with research-backed strategies, tools, and resources to achieve targeted outcomes and build awareness in selected topics.

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Interactive, small-group courses that are collaborative, action-oriented, and focused on specific skills educators and leaders can apply right away. We align workshop topics to your objectives and chosen pathway.

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1:1 Coaching

Personalized, learn-by-doing support that ensures understanding and builds sustainable skills. Participants are matched with the best-fit coach based on role, education experience, and desired outcomes.

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Learning Walks

Evidence-based, non-evaluative classroom observations that analyze trends in teacher practice and creates a support plan to drive ownership of learning in the target Focus Area.

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Building Blended Learning Success

In a world where the way we ‘do’ school has changed, Superintendent Dr. Richard O’Malley looked to build a sustained, in-depth, job-embedded support system to help teachers and leaders thrive. Through a targeted professional learning path, participants achieved greater collaboration, increased confidence, and reduced feelings of stress and overwhelm by having a coach to turn to as they learned.

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“Teachers feel supported in trying new things that they wouldn’t have tried without BetterLesson’s support. Teachers are more thoughtful due to the reflection built into the cycle. And our veteran teachers really appreciate it as they are often the ones providing support to others.”

“I have seen tremendous change in my teachers who worked with BetterLesson. They really appreciate the 1:1 support for their pedagogy. We've experienced student growth in every grade level.”

The Four Elements of Student-Centered Teaching and Learning

We’ve identified four elements that are key for academic success and for building student-centered classrooms. BetterLesson guides teachers, instructional coaches, and leaders through focus areas within each element to lead their professional development journey.

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Instructional Leadership

As a principal, administrator, coach, or teacher leader, your work is crucial for teacher growth and student achievement. Whether you are starting a new initiative or looking to scale best practices, we help you approach your work with a focus on student learning.

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Inclusive and Responsive Practices

Inclusive and responsive practices are a student-centered approach that encourage a sense of belonging. We work with teachers and leaders to adapt to students’ needs, build social-emotional skills, and create a culture where all students can succeed.

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Flexible Instructional Models

With effective technology use and instructional models, all students can learn, collaborate, and solve meaningful problems. We work with teachers to transform the student learning experience to make it data-driven, personalized, and continuously relevant.

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Curriculum and Academic Content

When teachers use effective learning tools and rigorous, student-centered curricula, they can transform classrooms into engaging, productive, and joyful learning spaces.

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Design Your Learning Plan

BetterLesson provides learning opportunities and support through BL Connect, Workshops1:1 Coaching, and Learning Walks, to help you take ownership of your learning and drive ongoing change in practice.

Choose Your Pathway

Start creating your PD journey

BetterLesson is ready to help develop personalized solutions to reach your school or district’s goals. Reach out to our team to start building your professional development journey.

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