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BetterLesson Live | The Importance of Student Discourse: From Awareness to Ownership with TeachFX and BetterLesson

Classroom discussion, dialogue, and discourse are vital to student engagement and language acquisition. As leaders, how can we help our teachers become more aware of the patterns of student discourse in their classrooms? How can we provide them with easy-to-use tools and support systems allowing them to instantly gain actionable data and guidance to improve student discourse and guide differentiation in their classrooms?

On April 21st, join Jamie Poskin, TeachFX Co-Founder & CEO, Amber Orenstein, BetterLesson’s Chief Product Officer, and Liz Russillo, Rhode Island 2020 Teacher of the Year and BetterLesson coach, for a webinar that will introduce you to the game-changing abilities that TeachFX put at a teacher’s fingertips to increase student discourse patterns’ self-awareness, and to the ways BetterLesson coaching can work in synergy with this groundbreaking tool to provide teachers with guidance to improve the quantity and quality of student discourse in a personalized way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the importance of student discourse to support meaningful student engagement and facilitate deeper learning
  • Explore a new tool that provides immediate feedback on instruction for teachers based on discourse patterns in the classroom
  • Learn how leaders can support teacher development guided by data
  • Identify ways data can inform student grouping, differentiation, and velocity of instruction
  • See examples of coaching cycles powered by the utilization of this data to try new strategies geared toward improving student discourse
  • Create more meaningful and equitable classroom discourse