Staffing in our schools is a major challenge right now. Creating a culture that makes teachers want to stick with us for the long run should be a top priority. While this task may feel daunting at first, we have evidence for 3 simple leadership strategies that prove effective in supporting the retention and recruitment of teachers. Watch this webinar to learn about these 3 levers and how you can strategically activate them in your district.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the 3 C’s of teacher retention and how to leverage them in your district.
  • Examine how coaching and mentoring can go beyond skill-based improvement and provide pathways to stronger relationships and lower stress.
  • Learn how ‘time’ and ‘autonomy’ can be leveraged to support teacher efficacy.
  • Consider the way in which you prioritize instructional support and how it directly correlates to teacher retention and sustainable growth.
  • Understand the impact when you go beyond ‘listening’ and demonstrate your support with ‘action’ based on what you hear.
  • Enable transparency in the opportunities for career growth in schools to improve teacher well-being, retention, culture, and respect.
  • Leave with actionable strategies to better prepare, support, and retain your paraprofessionals and new teachers this year.