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Teacher Leadership Career Ladder: Improve Teacher Retention and Early Career Success

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 | 3:00pm EST

Something magical happens when schools invest in creating thoughtful teacher career ladders. By equipping your district with supports that allow teachers to develop the skills and confidence necessary to expand their capacity to lead, districts see positive progress on these three common challenges school leaders face;

  • Long-term teacher retention improves as you enable educators to grow, learn new skills and have a positive impact on more students and colleagues
  • Students grow at a faster pace when they are receive more equitable access to best practices
  • New teachers and paraprofessional have greater access to master teachers’ guidance which accelerates educator proficiency and execution of best practice learnings

Recognizing great teachers is the first step. Providing career pathways and support for your top educators to share knowledge with peers will ultimately have the greatest impact on student achievement throughout your school. 

Join BetterLesson alongside Wilson STEM Academy Principal, Jeff Cook, and teacher leaders in their North Carolina District to learn more about the impact of teacher leadership career ladders, experiences and examples from Wilson STEM Academy, and leave with key strategies designed to help you build your own successful version of such an initiative.

Key Takeaways

  • Define teacher career ladders and what they can help achieve for teachers and students
  • Explore key professional learning strategies and leadership systems to build a successful teacher leadership pipeline 
  • Build a plan of action to support the building of a leadership career ladder in your community