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BetterLesson Live | Social-Emotional Learning: Exploring De-escalation Strategies and Interventions

When we recognize that students and educators experience unique stressors in their personal and classroom environments, it is important to understand how these stressors may leak into student performance and behavior. From new learning modalities to traumatic world events, how can we, as educators and leaders, adopt a mindful approach to supporting all learners through emotional pressures?

Last month, we focused our learning on creating a class culture in which trauma-informed practices form the bedrock of a more positive classroom community. In this month’s webinar, we examine how we can better prepare educators to face students’ emotional stressors by mastering de-escalation strategies of social emotional learning and harnessing the power of productive mindsets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how trauma, stress and socio-emotional challenges can manifest themselves in behavior escalations.
  • Explore how behavior escalation in students can be mirrored in our behavior, and why we should try to de-escalate instead.
  • Review the foundations of de-escalation interventions.
  • Identify the 3 phases of de-escalations.
  • Share examples of BetterLesson strategies easily applicable to the before, during and after of any de-escalation situation.
  • Learn about activities you can bring to your district that support Professional Learning options for all educators.