There is no evidence of successful schools without a strong leader. And yet, the road to effective principalship does not offer enough differentiated options to meet school leaders where they are on this journey. 

What can district leaders do to modernize the supportive functions they provide their Principals? Effective principals accelerate student learning through instructional leadership focused on increasing educator capacity. When principals are better equipped to lead, support, and maintain high levels of teaching and learning, outcomes for students are improved.

Join Monica Washington, BetterLesson Solution Designer and former Texas Teacher of the Year with a panel of Principals from across the country that include Jeff Cook, Principal of Wilson STEM Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina, Tommy Dwyer, Principal of Shore Middle School in Mentor, Ohio, and Amy Stec, Principal of Blueberry Hill Elementary in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, for a session discussing the importance of creating a space that allows for peer collaboration, deep listening, and emotional support while exploring problems of practice to serve as a backdrop for school leaders to succeed. We’ll examine how you can provide results-driven instructional leadership, a critical function in the role of Principal, along with methods for supporting equity-minded leadership, enriching PLCs, prioritizing well-being, and more.

Key Learnings

  • Identify essential skills for successful Principals
  • Hear from real Principals about their experiences with instructional leadership
  • Explore modern and effective methods to grow leaders in your schools
  • Learn the critical attributes of effective professional development and support for Principals