How can we make formative assessment and differentiation manageable and sustainable?

Now, more than ever, we should support our teachers and students in transforming the way we assess. We have learned to use many new tools and strategies in the last 2 years by necessity. These tools and strategies can help us design student-centered assessments capable of driving responsive instruction and differentiation.

Join us for this live webinar on November 16th aimed at:

  • Helping you define your formative assessment and differentiation growth areas
  • Exploring systems and strategies to shift mindsets and practices around assessments
  • Building a plan of action to bring back to your school.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to make the shift from assessment OF learning to assessment AS learning.
  • What gets unlocked when we make assessments more student-centered?
  • Identifying 5 competencies to hone towards formative assessment and differentiation.
  • Using data to transition from awareness to action.
  • Understanding how the skills gained by teachers and students in the past 2 years are conducive to formative assessment and differentiation becoming more manageable and sustainable.