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Creating Non-Evaluative Feedback and Observation Cycles that Improve Teacher Retention and Morale

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 | 4:00pm EST

Creating a culture of non-evaluative feedback and observation cycles is a key factor in improving teacher retention and morale in K-12 schools. School leaders play a crucial role in creating this culture. When teachers feel valued, supported, and encouraged to grow and develop professionally, they are more likely to remain in the profession and be motivated and engaged in their work, leading to improved student outcomes and higher morale.

How can instructional leaders foster a culture of continuous learning for their educators? It’s time for leaders to transform the narrative on instructional coaching and non-evaluative observation opportunities from something being done ‘to’ teachers to something being done ‘for and with’ teachers.

Watch this BetterLesson Live webinar to examine how leaders can implement effective feedback and observation cycles for consistent instructional growth and decision making throughout the entire district while improving teacher retention and morale.


  • Identify opportunities for school and district leaders to develop a sustainable feedback and observation cycle that supports teachers to develop their practice.
  • Explore how effective feedback and observation cycles can be used for consistent instructional growth and decision making.
  • Examine how data can be used to evaluate and strengthen the feedback and observation cycle in schools.
  • Learn how to position professional learning and observation cycles as opportunities to hone one’s craft rather than as punitive measures for poor performance.