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BetterLesson Live | 3 Asset-Based Approaches to Accelerating Student Growth

2020-2021 has left a lot of unfinished learning for our students, but there is danger in approaching this year only from the lens of catching students up. It could lead educators to teach below grade-level content, lower expectations, separate students from each other for the purpose of remediation, and dramatically alter their self-confidence.

By prioritizing and vertically aligning grade-level content, leveraging COVID19 technology gains to implement universal design for learning, and re-design how we’re helping students close targeted gaps, we can support the acceleration of the growth of all students in an asset-based way.

In this live learning session, we outlined a plan of action for accelerating growth by focusing on 3 simple but powerful instructional outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Defining unfinished instruction vs learning loss
  • Why accelerating growth matters so much right now
  • What do we really mean by accelerating all students’ growth
  • 3 outcomes to focus on to accelerate student growth
  • How to create a sustainable classroom routine
  • Creating personalized pathways of growth