Jameson Parker

Jameson Parker
High School Physics
80 Lessons
Danbury High School
Danbury, CT
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Inertia is Latin for "Lazy"
Big Idea: Newton's 1st Law of Motion states that an object in motion maintains its motion and an object at rest remains at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force.
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Something About Sigma:  Calculating Net Force
Big Idea: Free body diagrams are a useful tool to understand all of the forces acting on an object and the resulting objects motion.
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Manipulating Forces
Big Idea: An object changes its current motion when an unbalanced force acts it.
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Discovering Newton's 2nd Law
Big Idea: F=ma can be determined experimentally.
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Applying Newton's Second Law Quantitatively
Big Idea: The acceleration of an object is always in the direction of the net force acting on it.
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Plan a Trip to the Asteroid Belt
Big Idea: Kinematics equations and Newton's 2nd Law allow us to better understand the universe around us and to make predictions about an object's motion.
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Combining Newton's Second Law and Kinematics
Big Idea: Kinematics equations and Newton's 2nd Law allow us to better understand the world around us and to make predictions about the motion of an object.
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Friction Is Not Fiction!
Big Idea: The force of friction between two objects is determined by the normal force and the properties of the surfaces in contact.
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Pushing the Pathfinder
Big Idea: The mass of an object can be determined by applying a net force to it and measuring its acceleration.
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Self-Assessment on Forces
Big Idea: Reflection is a powerful learning tool that helps students learn with intention.
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Quiz on Newton's Laws
Big Idea: Summative assessments are a tool to keep students accountable for learning and to inform the teacher of students' understanding.
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