Ericka Senegar-Mitchell

Ericka Senegar-Mitchell
High School Science
56 Lessons
Mckinley Technology High School
Washington, DC
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Portrait of a Leader in Biotechnology (Part I)
Big Idea: What attributes are essential for leadership in biotechnology?
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Portrait of a Leader in Biotechnology (Part II)
Big Idea: Do you have what it takes to be an effective leader in the biotechnology industry?
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Word Wall: Biotechnology Terms from A to Z
Big Idea: Word Walls can be used to improve literacy in ALL curriculum areas and at ALL levels by helping students build the vocabulary needed to explain complex scientific ideas.
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Silent Debate: Bioethics for the Biotechnologist (Part I)
Big Idea: The intersection between personal values and the goals of individual members of the biotechnology industry can be difficult to navigate.
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EBWR - Our Capital Epidemic (Silent Debate: Bioethics for the Biotechnologists Part II)
Big Idea: How are the values and opinions of members of the biotechnology industry affecting the choices they make in the workplace?
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Deliberate Documentation....To Detail or Not to Detail
Big Idea: Failure to properly document your work in a biotechnology lab can ruin any thriving academic lab or commercial biotechnology facility.
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So What DO I DO Now? Helping Students Deconstruct and Reconstruct Lab Safety Protocols
Big Idea: Students should always demonstrate proper health and safety practices when working in the biotechnology lab but getting student to master these routines quickly requires new approaches to "practice"!
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CASE STUDY - Can Hospitals Make You Sick? Lab Safety and Aseptic Technique
Big Idea: Potentially dangerous situations can arise if biotechnologists (students) do not practice proper lab safety.
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EBWR - Lab Safety, Aseptic Technique and Antibiotic Resistance
Big Idea: Lab Safety is not JUST for the lab!
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Student Research Design Principles
Big Idea: The research design of an experiment determines both whether the experiment is likely to succeed and the reliability of its results.
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Investigating Claims About Cancer
Big Idea: Scientists use systematic and rigorous criteria to evaluate claims about factors associated with cancer.
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