Daniel Babauta

Daniel Babauta
Environmental Stewardship by Design
81 Lessons
Sunset Park High School
New York, NY
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Can we eat the marshmallow now?
Big Idea: Collaborative engineering design thinking is a key skill for STEM fields. How might we effectively collaborate to successfully participate in a design challenge?
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Since feeling is first (EMPATHIZE)
Big Idea: Empathy is the first step in the engineering design thinking process. How might we develop empathy for our classmate by sharing our hopes and fears?
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Let's hack!  Wait.  Hack what?  (DEFINE)
Big Idea: Empathy helps us to define the problems that we will collaboratively solve in order to co-create classroom structures that optimize student learning outcomes. How might we leverage empathy to refine our understanding of problem areas in the classroom?
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Do we have an idea yet? (IDEATE)
Big Idea: Ideation, identification of constraints, and convergent thinking are processes that link understanding a problem to implementing a solution. How might students develop collaborative skills for ideating solutions and developing impactful prototypes?
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Bias toward action (PROTOTYPE)
Big Idea: Convergent thinking produces shared ideas that will become prototype solutions to problems. How might we help students assess and develop their ideas as rapid prototypes?
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Welcome to the baby shark tank (TEST)
Big Idea: Designers test prototypes so that they can improve them. How might students engage in structured feedback protocols to understand and address the inevitable shortcomings of prototypes that they create?
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What's on your mind? (ITERATE)
Big Idea: Designers use feedback from the testing stage to improve prototype solutions, but iteration requires openness to design mindsets. How might we use process reflection as an opportunity to build awareness of design mindsets?
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Unit Synthesis: empathy + define the problem + ideate (1 of 4)
Big Idea: Reframing engineering design thinking as human centered design is an important reconceptualization. How might we surface the common, sometimes painful needs of students to design solutions that meet those needs?
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Unit Synthesis: prototype + test + iterate (2 of 4)
Big Idea: Tenets of social and emotional learning are powerful constraints of engineering design thinking. How might we develop student contracts that maximize self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships skills, and responsible decision making?
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Unit synthesis: models of design (3 of 4)
Big Idea: Design is integral to social entrepreneurship initiatives. How might we critically analyze real-world engineering design thinking in underdeveloped countries to identify a spectrum of design abilities?
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Unit synthesis: Am I proficient? (4 of 4)
Big Idea: Good designers are mindful of process. How might we use examples of high-level engineering design thinking processes to self-assess our own mastery level?
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School cafeteria redesign (SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT)
Big Idea: Students must practice all aspects of the engineering design process in real time for a teacher to assess mastery. How might we assess students' mastery of engineering design thinking through a real-world design?
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