Tenicka Norwood

Tenicka Norwood
High School Physics
80 Lessons
Vanguard High School
New York, NY
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S.M.A.R.T. goals for Physics
Big Idea: Patience, time management and teamwork are essential skills for studying physics.
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Physics Skills and Practice
Big Idea: Physics is a model-dependent science.
  Favorites (11)   Resources (19)   Reflections (1)
Learning Physics by Creating Structures
Big Idea: Revising models over time is a key part of the process of learning and doing physics.
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See, Think, Create
Big Idea: Effectively communicating ideas based on observations is a key part of the process of learning and doing physics.
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Modeling Archimedes' Principle
Big Idea: Archimedes' principle is a conceptual model of fluid mechanics which connects forces to engineering design.
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Understanding Check 1
Big Idea: Formative assessments help communicate students' thought processes to teachers.
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Physics According to You
Big Idea: Over the course of history, knowledge gets refined as scientists gain access to more information.
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Two Methods of Metric Conversions
Big Idea: Metric conversions are convenient because they use powers of ten.
  Favorites (13)   Resources (24)   Reflections (2)
Introduction to Physical Quantities
Big Idea: All measured quantities in physics can be described through a combination of the basic units of distance, time, and mass.
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Distance vs Displacement
Big Idea: An object can travel a large distance and have zero displacement.
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CSI: Who Killed Bill?
Big Idea: Physics can be used to solve crimes.
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Student Led Conferences
Big Idea: Student-driven goals lead to engaged students who share authority over their learning outcomes in physics.
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