Kim Ramsey

Kim Ramsey
Kindergarten Science
20 Lessons
M. L. King Elementary
Kansas City, MO
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The Nature of Science
Big Idea: What is the nature of science?
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Science Safety
Big Idea: Being safe is relevant to science exploration because a safe environments prevents injury and damage.
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Planning an Investigation
Big Idea: Planning is key in making discoveries about the world around you because it gives you a focus and guidelines to follow.
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Making Observations
Big Idea: Scientific study and research is based on observations .
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Sharing My Findings
Big Idea: Scientists share their ideas and discoveries with others.
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The Nature Walk
Big Idea: The world around us allows for many opportunities to construct explanations and design solutions for the phenomena we experience.
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Learning to Learn Together
Big Idea: Scientist collaborate with other scientists to accomplish scientific goals.
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Learning to Ask Questions
Big Idea: The primary function of a scientist is to ask questions and seek answers therefore, kindergarten students must also know how to ask a scientific question.
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