Taylor Wichmanowski

Taylor Wichmanowski
High School Science
66 Lessons
Los Angeles High School Of The Arts (lahsa)
Los Angeles, CA
Student Environment:
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What is Biodiversity?
Big Idea: The world is alive and unfathomably diverse. Biodiversity is critically important to humans and their environment.
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Preserving Biodiversity: Threats and Solutions
Big Idea: Human activity threatens our cohabitant species on Earth. Balancing the needs of humans with the needs of other species will require creativity and cooperation on multiple fronts.
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Biodiversity Survey part 1: Community Mapping and introduction to iNaturalist
Big Idea: If we're going to use technology to do a project, there is some necessary preparation to set up and get familiarized with the specific tools we'll be using.
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Biodiversity Survey part 2: Observing and Identifying Local Species
Big Idea: Knowing what you don't know is an important first step in an inquiry-based project.
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Biodiversity Survey part 3: Citizen Science (Creating and Curating an iNaturalist Project)
Big Idea: Students are more engaged when they are DOING science rather than just learning ABOUT science.
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Biodiversity Survey part 4: Managing a Long Term Project
Big Idea: A long term project requires reminders, check ins, and follow through to keep enthusiasm and effort from waning.
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Biodiversity Survey part 5: Making a Collection
Big Idea: A tangible product helps to tie up the loose ends of a long term project
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Role Playing: What Should We Do about Mountain Lions in Southern California?
Big Idea: Solutions to environmental problems require cooperation and compromise.
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ENRICHMENT: Tide Pool Observations
Big Idea: Areas with ecosystem diversity offer exciting learning opportunities for students.
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