Michele Beitel

Michele Beitel
1st Grade Science
81 Lessons
Meadowlark Elementray
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What is a Scientist?
Big Idea: What are Scientists? In this lesson students will explore the idea of research, informational text and science inquiry while learning that they themselves are in fact scientists.
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Listen! Listen! Listen!
Big Idea: Let's go on a listening walk and discover sound!! We will use our five senses to learn about the world around us!!
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Shhh! Did you hear that?
Big Idea: Did you say waves? Let's explore sound waves using inquiry and our sense of hearing, sight, and touch.
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Big Idea: Students will be creating instruments that will allow them to observe, explore and investigate the patterns of sound waves (pitch and volume). They will plan out a design for their instrument and then create it using classroom materials.
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Shakin' and a Movin'
Big Idea: Students will explore three different learning stations to discover how sound makes matter vibrate. They will have to answer the question, "Can sound make matter vibrate?"
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Wiggle it, Just a Little Bit!
Big Idea: Can sound waves make Oobleck dance? This investigation will allow children to experience being a scientist while observing and predicting what happens while Oobleck sits on a Subwoofer. What type of sound will make it move about?
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What's the Matter?
Big Idea: Sound traveling through matter!! Who will be the winner?
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Let's Chat!
Big Idea: How do Cup Telephone work? Let's discover together!
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STEM & Sound - Day 1
Big Idea: Can you solve a communication problem using sound? Yes you can!
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STEM & Sound - Day 2
Big Idea: Did you know that we can be engineers? It is time to plan, design and build just like an engineer! Let's get building!
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