Sara Leins

Sara Leins
High School Physics
91 Lessons
Horizon High School
Scottsdale, AZ
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Dabbling in Data
Big Idea: Starting the year off right with a data analysis activity to get students thinking on the first day of AP Physics 1!
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Mapping Motion
Big Idea: Students map out motion and then get introduced to the basic motion equations.
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Amazing Acceleration
Big Idea: Today we define acceleration and connect it to velocity.
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Moving into Motion Graphs
Big Idea: How can students relate kinematics graphs with descriptions? Today, we use a simulation to connect the dots of position, velocity, and time!
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Horizontal Kinematics
Big Idea: Today we learn to love kinematic equations by using them to solve problems about horizontal motion.
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Diving into Free Fall
Big Idea: What happens when a skydiver's parachute won't open? Today, students dive right into the basics of free fall.
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g On an Incline
Big Idea: How does the value of g change on an incline? Today, we ramp things up with carts rolling down tracks.
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1-Dimensional Motion Review
Big Idea: Who does a student need to solve 1-D kinematic problems? Today students work alone, with a partner, and then with the teacher to complete a practice test.
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1-Dimensional Motion Test
Big Idea: What is the breadth of our linear motion knowledge? Today, students take a summative assessment on 1-d motion!
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