Kasie Hamman

Kasie Hamman
Kindergarten Science
59 Lessons
John Q Thomas Elementary School
Flagstaff, AZ
Student Environment:
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Pumpkin Investigations
Big Idea: Students use their five senses to explore and make discoveries about the world around them.
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Parts of a Pumpkin and their Functions
Big Idea: Students will learn that plants have different parts that serve different functions in their life cycle.
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Life Cycle of a Pumpkin
Big Idea: Students learn about patterns in that occur in nature.
  Favorites (3)   Resources (12)   Reflections (1)
Parts of a Pumpkin Seed
Big Idea: Students learn the components of a seed and how seeds grow.
  Favorites (2)   Resources (17)   Reflections (1)
Growing a Pumpkin
Big Idea: Student will understand that seeds need specific conditions to grow into a healthy, producing plant.
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