Rachel Meisner

Rachel Meisner
High School Chemistry
79 Lessons
Castle Park Senior High
Chula Vista, CA
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First Day of Class
Big Idea: In order to understand the world around us it is important to make careful observations and ask meaningful questions.
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Working in a Chemistry Lab
Big Idea: Lab safety and identification of lab equipment are crucial for success in chemistry class.
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Scientific Method
Big Idea: Scientific experimentation is complex and needs to be explored in multiple ways.
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Uncertainty and Measurement
Big Idea: High quality data in science depends on the ability of scientists to properly perform measurements, which are only as precise as the equipment used.
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Significant Figures
Big Idea: When calculating and measuring in chemistry it is important to use significant figure rules.
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Big Idea: There are multiple ways to measure and record temperature.
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Dimensional Analysis
Big Idea: Dimensional analysis is a great tool for solving problems and converting units in chemistry.
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Big Idea: Substances will float or sink relative to each other depending on their density. Density can be calculated using mass and volume.
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Density Part II and Review
Big Idea: Density is an intensive property which is useful for identifying unknown substances.
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