Sean Gillette

Sean Gillette
8th Grade Science
81 Lessons
Vanguard Preparatory
Apple Valley, CA
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Start with a Bang! Isopropyl Alcohol Exothermic Combustion Demonstration
Big Idea: First day of school demonstration - pour Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) into a 5 gallon water cooler bottle and ignite for a memorable start to the school year.
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What Does a Scientist Look Like?
Big Idea: Did you know that most kids think that all scientists mix chemicals, wear lab coats and glasses, stand behind counters, and have crazy hair?
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Triple Beam Balance Introductory Activity
Big Idea: Experience with real measurements can remove intimidation students may have with using a triple-beam balance scale.
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Equipment Measurement Lab
Big Idea: Success in a lab requires proficiency with equipment.
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History of Science
Big Idea: Science is so much more interesting when it is told as a story with key characters.
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