Timothy Brennan

Timothy Brennan
High School Physics
80 Lessons
Woodstock Sr. Uhsd #4
Woodstock, VT
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Introduction to Physics via Thermodynamics
Big Idea: Science is exploratory, iterative, and surprising.
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Temperature Slopes and Meaning-Making
Big Idea: Physical systems can be modeled by mathematical and graphical relationships.
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Determining Heater Ratings Experimentally - Day 1
Big Idea: Repeating trials - and creating large data sets - is essential for establishing levels of confidence in a conclusion.
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Determining Heater Ratings Experimentally - Day 2
Big Idea: Scientists confront assumptions and reconsider their approaches.
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Wrapping Up the Immersion Heater Investigation
Big Idea: Investigations often reveal new information about nature that force scientists to reconfigure their conceptual models.
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Exploring Calorimetry
Big Idea: Scientists often proceed by inducing a rule from examples.
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Conservation of Energy . . .  To the Rescue!
Big Idea: The fact that energy is conserved can be leveraged to make powerful predictions.
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Enhancing Our Energy Model: From Naive to Sophisticated
Big Idea: Scientists revisit their work and their ideas, continually comparing their models to reality.
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Testing Our Thermal Loss Procedures
Big Idea: Scientists test their ideas to see how well they adhere to real world situations.
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Hot Rocks Lab Work - Day 1
Big Idea: Students attend to precision and strive to report their results to the greatest precision allowed by their instruments.
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Hot Rocks Lab Work - Day 2
Big Idea: When pursuing open-ended questions, there may be more questions than answers!
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Hot Rocks Lab Work - Day 3
Big Idea: Scientists look for ways to make their data collection processes better.
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Kinetic Theory of Matter
Big Idea: The macroscopic properties of materials (temperature, state, density, etc.) can be explained by its microscopic properties.
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Reflecting on Thermodynamics - Content and Process
Big Idea: We set aside time to reflect upon our learning.
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