Sydney Schuler

Sydney Schuler
8th Grade Science
56 Lessons
Park Junior High School
La Grange Park, IL
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Engineers Develop, Design, Invent, and Innovate in Their Careers
Big Idea: What do you know about engineering careers? Explore the wild world of engineering to create a fun, collaborative career hat.
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Dream Invention
Big Idea: If your students could invent anything, what steps would they need to invent it? Take a look at how inventors dream up the future and then make it happen.
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Exploring the Career of Engineering
Big Idea: How can I determine the economic impact of a career in engineering?
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I Have to Teach Engineering??
Big Idea: How can I teach engineering? Take a look at this lesson on the basics of engineering and the design process.
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Reading a Technical Report
Big Idea: 21st Century Learning includes the skill of reading reports for information and directions. This lesson gives students their first experience in reading technical reports.
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Science Technology Engineering and Math Integration
Big Idea: How do engineers, scientists and inventors work to make the world a better place?
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