Laura Riley

Laura Riley
6th Grade Science
83 Lessons
Westmont Jr High School
Westmont, IL
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Let's "Mine" The Textbook
Big Idea: Explore and "mine" the textbook to understand where to find the table of contents, glossary, index, and other text features.
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Let's "Do" Science
Big Idea: With this activity students practice using all of their senses, learn to accurately record their observations, and understand how to effectively communicate that information with other scientists.
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The Mobius Strip
Big Idea: Scientists observe the world around them. Whenever you make an observation you are acting like a scientist.
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A Safety Rule Rap
Big Idea: Safety in the science lab cannot be emphasized strongly enough! When you practice lab safety, students will be more willing to do so too.
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Lab Safety Stations
Big Idea: Vote for the "Best of Show!" As students create a Safety Poster, it will help them synthesize information learned, share or publish, and present their own work. Then have them vote!
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Practicing the Scientific Method
Big Idea: When using the Scientific Method, students learn to ask questions, make observations, collect data, and interpret results.
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Measuring Skills: Length
Big Idea: Measuring is a necessary skill and it is important that scientists around the world accurately use the same measurement system.
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Measuring Skills: Mass
Big Idea: Matter has mass! Use a balance to explore and find the mass of a variety of objects.
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Measuring Skills: Volume
Big Idea: Popcorn Anyone? As students create two rectangular prisms, they will determine which holds more popcorn.
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Measuring Skills: Temperature
Big Idea: Do you wonder what keeps you warm on a cold, snowy day? Learn to measure temperature by investigating which materials are good insulators.
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Metric Literacy
Big Idea: Can you measure a football field with a marker? Can you measure a desk with your hands? Through Trade Books, let's explore why it's important to use a standard system of measurement.
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Metric Vocabulary
Big Idea: Metric is the language of the scientific community and being able to understand and use these terms is an important science skill. Good vocabulary can help you say what you mean.
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