Carrie Boyden

Carrie Boyden
5th Grade Science
82 Lessons
Memorial Intermediate
Fitchburg, MA
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1. Up, Up and Away! Exploring the Layers of the Atmosphere
Big Idea: Students will create a model of the layers of the atmosphere, plot the altitude of each layer on a graph, and write and/or draw features of each layer on this graph.
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2. Air is on the Move
Big Idea: Students will examine warm air rising and cold air sinking through an investigation to recognize different temperatures cause convection currents and global wind patterns to form and impact weather in an area.
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3. Air Masses and Fronts Meet in the Sky...Oh My!
Big Idea: Students will forecast weather in a certain area on a map by identifying and collecting data on the air masses present in that area to determine weather
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4:  It's Raining, It's Pouring...Precipitation is Forming!
Big Idea: Students will distinguish among the various forms of precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, and hail) and compare each of them by reading descriptions and a graphic organizer to sequence the steps of how each one forms.
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5.  The Perfect Storm...Effects of Severe Weather
Big Idea: Students distinguish causes and effects of four types of severe weather. Then they pretend to be a storm chaser by selecting one type of severe weather and create a poster illustrating safety precautions.
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6. Weather Instruments
Big Idea: Students discover how scientific instruments are used to forecast weather by examining six weather instrument models, reading passages about each one to report its use and importance in collecting weather data from the atmosphere.
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7.  Forecasting Weather
Big Idea: Students will analyze weather maps and forecast weather conditions in specific areas. They will use observation, collected data, and weather map symbols to write a weather report about one area in the United States.
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8.  Weather's Impact on Climate (Day 1)
Big Idea: Students will create a climate zone map by analyzing weather data for a specific region.
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9. Weather's Impact on Climate (Day 2)
Big Idea: Students will use the climate zone data they analyzed yesterday to create a travel advertisement about a particular climate zone.
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