Ruth Hutson

Ruth Hutson
80 Lessons
Blue Valley High
Randolph, KS
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Welcome to My Museum (Part 1/3)
Big Idea: Today students will travel back in time to 1775 to become students of Carl Linneaus. There, he will assign them the task to remodel the museum created by his predecessor in 1700.
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Building a cladogram (Part 2/3)
Big Idea: Today students act like a modern evolutionary biologists who are appointed to redesign a natural history museum. They must build a cladogram of the specimens before the big move.
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Mapping the Tree of Life: Phylogenetic Reconstruction (Part 3/3)
Big Idea: Evaluate your cladogram by comparing it with cladograms of monophyletic, paraphyletic, and polyphyletic origin, then decide which is the best.
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Using Biotechnology to Classify Domains
Big Idea: Simulations are a great way for students to understand how living things are placed into domains.
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Using Molecular Evidence in Classification: the Cytochrome C Lab
Big Idea: Ever wondered what you had in common with fish, yeast, dogs, and monkeys? Find out today by analyzing the cytochrome c gene sequence.
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