Jennifer Mutch

Jennifer Mutch
5th Grade Science
42 Lessons
Conejo Elementary
Thousand Oaks, CA
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Setting up the Science Notebook
Big Idea: The use of Science Notebooks is an important skill for students to have so that they can collect data, ideas, and draw sketches of things that they are learning.
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Science Safety
Big Idea: It's important for students to understand that safety is the top priority on a school campus and that they need to understand what the safety expectations are during science class
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Following Directions
Big Idea: Following directions and step-by-step instructions is crucial for successful science investigations.
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Science Tools
Big Idea: Scientists use several different tools for measuring and observing scientific phenomena. Students will be working as scientists this year and need to know how to use these tools properly.
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Introducing the new Science Standards
Big Idea: It's important to tell and show students what they'll be learning and this lesson is an overview of the NGSS and what my students will be learning and doing in science this year.
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What is a Scientist? What is an Engineer?
Big Idea: This year my students will become scientists and engineers and in this lesson they will learn about the similarities and differences between these two.
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