Dr. Caroline Courter

Dr. Caroline Courter
1st Grade Science
80 Lessons
Gregory Elementary
Wilmington, NC
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What is Soil? Preassessment and Exploration
Big Idea: Students discover that soil looks, feels, and even smells different when it comes from different places!
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Clay, Sand, and Silt
Big Idea: Students touch, smell, and test three common types of soil.
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The Layers of Soil
Big Idea: Soil is made from lots of organic materials in layers, like a cake!
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Is My Soil Wiggling?!?
Big Idea: Soil is home to lots of creatures! Be careful where you step!
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Soils for Planting
Big Idea: Some trees grow in the desert, some flowers grow in the rainforest...but almost all grow in soil. How do gardeners know what kind of soil to use?
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Alternate Gardening Solutions
Big Idea: It's a new age and we grow things in different ways! Let's talk about other useful types of soil!
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STEM Lab: Day 1 - Soil Drainage and Retention
Big Idea: Soils have different uses based on their properties - and one major property is the ability to drain or retain water. In this experiment, students test soil samples to see how well water moves through them.
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STEM Lab: Day 2: Soil -Communicate & Evaluate
Big Idea: We conducted the tests - What did we learn? What can we share?
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