Linda Berger

Linda Berger
Kindergarten Science
83 Lessons
Manuel De Vargas Elementary
San Jose, CA
Student Environment:
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About Linda

Kindergarten is my first (classroom!) love. I've taught twelve years at De Vargas Elementary in San Jose, CA, a Title I school with many English learners. Our school has a STEM focus with an amazing Maker Space that allows us to be very creative with our project based curriculum. To assure a positive and productive experience, I strive to provide a balanced educational experience for my students. This motivates me to provide a collaborative environment that integrates social, emotional, and academic into their entire day. The recent influx of students with special needs into our mainstream environment led me to get an M.Ed. in Autism Spectrum Disorders to ensure everyone has a positive school experience. Fairness, mutual respect, and fun for everyone makes our classroom a joyous place to learn, for me and them. If students leave our room as capable, confident, and collaborative learners, then we've done our job.
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