Linda Berger

Linda Berger
Kindergarten Science
83 Lessons
Manuel De Vargas Elementary
San Jose, CA
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Behind the Scales- Structure of a Goldfish
Big Idea: What parts of a goldfish are important to its survival?
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See Swimmy Survive- How Does a Goldfish Manage?
Big Idea: How do the parts of a goldfish help it live?
  Favorites (4)   Resources (17)   Reflections (1)
Goldfish and Tadpoles- More Alike Than Different?
Big Idea: How do we know the difference between some living things that swim?
  Favorites (2)   Resources (15)   Reflections (1)
Groovy Guppies-Recording Our Observations
Big Idea: If guppies look so different, are they still the same kind of fish?
  Favorites (0)   Resources (22)   Reflections (1)
Fintastic Friends- We're In This Together!
Big Idea: What do these fish and amphian varieties have in common?
  Favorites (0)   Resources (18)   Reflections (1)
Spy Swimmy Assessment-Fish Are Friends
Big Idea: How well did we learn fish and amphibian physiology and function?
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