Julie Kelley

Julie Kelley
5th Grade Math
71 Lessons
Tyngsborough Elementary
Tyngsborough, MA
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Numerical Expressions and Patterns Introduction Lesson
Big Idea: Play this vocabulary game, Vo-Back-ulary, to make help students form connections to new words and then understand the connections between them.
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Evaluating Expressions
Big Idea: This lesson is part of laying the foundation for algebraic thinking, including an understanding that cracking the code can be fun! Students view an algebraic expression as a challenging code to make sense of.
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Revisiting Day
Big Idea: Its ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.
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Strength of Operations
Big Idea: Different operations have different strengths
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Big Idea: Practice makes perfect. Today students spend more time simplifying expressions. The PEMDAS PIZZA model helps them stay organized.
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Order of Operations
Big Idea: When students know to simplify expressions before stressing, they will find complex expressions can be simple when taken one piece at a time.
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Order of Operations & Decimals
Big Idea: Students will use EVERYTHING they have already learned to simplify some tricky expressions (exponents, decimals, and order of operations are all combined).
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What is the 100th Step?
Big Idea: Students gain understanding that finding the rule is key to exploring a pattern, as they seek the 100th number (and beyond) in a pattern.
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Relationships & Rules
Big Idea: Using an expression can help to discover a number pattern.
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Graphing Patterns
Big Idea: A picture is worth a thousand words. A graph communicates a great deal of information about a pattern.
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The Challenge of Directions
Big Idea: Students grapple with the challenges of carefully reading questions to answer what is actually asked. Interpreting the directions can be the most challenging part of a problem.
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 Choice Time Continued
Big Idea: Providing choice helps keeps students motivated. Students move freely between activities as they practice what they have learned.
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Write About Math the Way You Talk About Math
Big Idea: Students use this opportunity to write about math showcase what they have learned this year. They explain their thinking and listen to classmates reasoning as they make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
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