Dana Patton

Dana Patton
5th Grade ELA
111 Lessons
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Everyone Loves a Little Structure: Structures of Informational Text Overview
Big Idea: Just like houses, nonfiction writing needs a solid structure to keep it from collapsing.
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Ready, Set, Go! Chronological and Sequence Text Structure
Big Idea: Writers have a plan of attack in mind when writing nonfiction pieces in time order.
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Students At Work: Workstations for Chronological Text Structure
Big Idea: Looking for a fun way to practice using the chronological text structure and enhance your reading?
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Not Every Text Structure is Descriptive: How to Tell When a Text is Truly Describing
Big Idea: If a descriptive text structure just describes something, then wouldn't everything be descriptive? Well...not exactly.
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Students At Work: Literacy Workstations for Descriptive Text Structure
Big Idea: Listening to the teacher can be BORING! How about some time to read descriptive texts and work with root words on your own?!
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Description and Chronological Formative
Big Idea: Although nonfiction text structures can be similar, there are key distinguishing elements.
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Hero or Not? Close reading of Biography to Support an Argument
Big Idea: Congratulations! You have been selected to choose the world's next hero. Let's see if you have what it takes to choose wisely.
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Hero or Not? Gathering More Information to Support an Argument
Big Idea: Think you can believe everything you read? Make sure you read closely to get valid details before making a choice.
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Hero or Not? Using Multiple Print Sources to Make an Argument
Big Idea: Would a knight show up to battle without a sword? Get ready to be armed with the power of words in order to prove an argument.
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