Melodie Brewer

Melodie Brewer
6th Grade Science
80 Lessons
Pinnacle Peak Elementary
Scottsdale, AZ
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What is a Scientist? (4 Day Discovery)
Big Idea: Kids usually picture scientist as a crazy-haired man wearing a lab coat and mixing test tubes of chemicals until they explode. This 3-4 day lesson will expose students to real world scientists and create interest in working in the field.
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Scientists Collaborate
Big Idea: Scientists must work together and share ideas in order to construct knowledge and develop deeper understanding. There are certain guidelines all scientists must adhere to in order to collaborate peacefully and productively.
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Scientists Use Precise Vocabulary
Big Idea: The language of science is precise in order for scientists to communicate effectively and efficiently. We need to build language acquisition strategies in our students to allow them to communicate effectively as scientists.
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Scientists Work Safely
Big Idea: Proper use and care of laboratory equipment are essential to laboratory safety.
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Scientists Work Systematically
Big Idea: The process that scientists use to learn about the natural world is known as the scientific method. This process ensures that scientific breakthroughs are accurate and unbiased before they are shared with the public.
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Scientists Inquire
Big Idea: The process that scientists use to learn about the natural world must begin with asking questions that can be answered through investigations. The way questions are phrased will greatly influence how much can be learned from their answers.
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Scientists Infer
Big Idea: Scientists make inferences based on evidence that is collected throughout the scientific process. Inferences and evidence are two very different things, but are both essential to the scientific process.
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Scientists Measure with Care
Big Idea: Without standard practices and units of measurement, scientists would not be able to ensure the validity of their results or communicate effectively with the scientific community.
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