Toby Murphy

Toby Murphy
8th Grade ELA
112 Lessons
Demarest Middle
Demarest, NJ
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Welcome To 8th Grade Language Arts
Big Idea: Welcome! Let's review the syllabus and more fun-filled opening day activities.
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Setting Up The Notebook and Reading/Writing Survey
Big Idea: There are so many sections, but they are all important: Using the notebook to promote organization in reading and writing.
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Creating Rules For Writing and Ignoring The Censor
Big Idea: We are our worst critics: learning how to ignore the voice of self-doubt as we write.
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Defining Characteristics Of Effective Writing
Big Idea: Good and bad writing: It's not just the what, but also the why.
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Beginning Of The Year Quickwrites and Freewrites
Big Idea: Quick writes: let the pencil be the guide.
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