Teresa Klein

Teresa Klein
5th Grade ELA
126 Lessons
Roxhill Elementary School
Seattle, WA
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Creating Book Baggies of Informational Texts
Big Idea: Get students reading in self-selected high interest informational texts by having them fill book baggies.
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Rev Up.. Text Features as Support in Informational Texts
Big Idea: Informational text features such as titles, headings, photographs, maps, charts, time lines, and captions prepare students's mind for learning main ideas and supporting details.
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Main Idea and Supporting Details Structure
Big Idea: Partners collaborate as they determine the main idea and supporting details of an informational article.
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Strategies for Content Specific Vocabulary
Big Idea: Generate synonyms based on context clues to tackle challenging words with ample opportunities to read lots of text on high interest topics
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 Vocabulary Development: Teach Students to Generate Synonyms
Big Idea: Support and Scaffold Comprehension of Content Specific Vocabulary
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Tier Two Words in Informational Texts
Big Idea: Expand your student's vocabulary through explicit lessons on tier two root words and their derivatives.
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Give Students Choice to Increase Active Engagement  with Informational Texts
Big Idea: What is the best way to share your thinking about a nonfiction topic?
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Word Work:  Within Words Sorts
Big Idea: Apply word work skills to read new words as outlined in CCSS Reading Foundations
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 Word Sort #1 from Syllables and Affixes book
Big Idea: Push students to categorize words with different vowels into correct syllable types.
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Adding -ed to words: Sort #5
Big Idea: Teach students why you double the final consonant, drop the final e, or do nothing before adding the -ed ending on one syllable words
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