Laura Quellhorst

Laura Quellhorst
1st Grade ELA
14 Lessons
Hargrove Elementary
Faison, NC
Student Environment:
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All About Me
Big Idea: Tell me a little bit about yourself
  Favorites (6)   Resources (17)   Reflections (1)
Investigating Apples
Big Idea: Students take informational texts to the new level by using them for research.
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Fiction or Nonfiction? That is the Question
Big Idea: What's the difference between literature and informational texts?
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Caption This
Big Idea: What's my caption?
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Define Glossary
Big Idea: Featuring ... the glossary! Here students will use an important text feature and gain new vocabulary.
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Exploring Nonfiction with Pumpkins
Big Idea: Students explore timelines and diagrams through informational texts.
  Favorites (5)   Resources (12)   Reflections (1)
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