Carol Redfield

Carol Redfield
2nd Grade Math
29 Lessons
Wilkins Elementary School
Jackson, MS
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2nd Grade Math
170 Lessons
Village Elementary School-york
York, ME
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Pepperell, MA
Comparing Things!
Big Idea: Students explore numbers in a variety of ways to understand how to compare three-digit numbers based on an understanding of place value.
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Finding the Right Place!
Big Idea: Students use numbers, base-ten models, and real-word pictures to examine ways to place numbers in their correct place.
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Applying The Basics!
Big Idea: Using base-ten materials and place-value skills, students gain a better understanding of how to add and subtract numbers.
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Watch my number grow!
Big Idea: In this lesson students use place value and base-ten materials to learn how to write numbers in expanded form.
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Mentally Speaking!
Big Idea: Using base ten blocks and place value, students explore how to become more fluent in adding and subtracting two-digit numbers without regrouping.
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Keep On Doing!
Big Idea: In this lesson, students will explore how the use of base tens, and place value can be used to help them explain and solve addition word problems.
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Big Idea: Students will be able to explain using concrete objects, pictures and words (oral or written) why addition or subtraction strategies work.
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What's in Your Zoo?
Big Idea: In this lesson, students will create pictures using base ten blocks as models for numbers between 200 and 1000.
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Tallying it Up
Big Idea: In this collaborative lesson students will use "Head, or Tails" to learn how to tally count by fives and add on left over numbers.
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Identifying Tens and Ones
Big Idea: Students will be given set amount of money to add, and identify how many tens and ones.
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