Beth McKenna

Beth McKenna
2nd Grade Science
80 Lessons
Village Elementary School-york
York, ME
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Is It Science?
Big Idea: Many students think of chemistry as science, but science is so much more and students need to broaden their understanding of science before engaging in science activities.
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Science Visitors
Big Idea: Students are expanding their ideas about what science is by talking to a variety of scientists.
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Outdoor Patterns
Big Idea: Observation is an important skill used by scientists. Students often need to be taught to slow down and observe the world around them
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Creating Patterns
Big Idea: This lesson addresses the essential question how can we organize materials to help us make sense of what we observe?
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What Else Do Scientists Notice
Big Idea: Scientists often rely on cause and effect to figure out how something works. Students will attempt to analyze and explain the concepts of cause and effect.
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Scientists Ask Questions
Big Idea: Scientific inquiry is based on questions. Students find out that scientists ask questions and then find a way to work to answer their own questions.
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Scientists Answer Questions by Observing
Big Idea: When students look at a car they see a car, but they could notice the color of the car, the size of the wheels, the dents or scratches if they are taught how to notice.
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Scientists Classify Things
Big Idea: Classification is one way that scientists make sense of the things in our world.
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Scientists Learn From Books and Media
Big Idea: Scientists do more than experiment to find things out.
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What is a Prediction
Big Idea: One thing that a scientist does is to predict and then test that prediction. Students need to develop these skills if they are to work like a scientist.
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Do Leaves Turn Color All At Once?  Part I
Big Idea: Students will collect and analyze data to answer a question
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Do Leaves Change Color All At Once? Part II
Big Idea: Students are learning to think like scientists and find an answer to their own question.
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What Is Scale?
Big Idea: Big is big, little is little. What happens when we use little to show big?
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I Know What A Scientist Does
Big Idea: Students need to be able to verbalize their understandings. This lesson assesses their understanding of what a scientist does.
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