Beth McKenna

Beth McKenna
2nd Grade Math
170 Lessons
Village Elementary School-york
York, ME
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Is This Math or Isn't It?
Big Idea: Children are surrounded by reading, seeing words and letters all around them. They are not as aware of the numbers in their world. Children who recognize the numbers around them will gain a better understanding of how numbers help solve problems.
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Going on a Math Hunt
Big Idea: Most people use math in their jobs but for children this use is usually unknown. This lesson will help children see some of the ways math is used by adults in their daily life.
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Math Hunt Part 2
Big Idea: Students have gathered data on where math is used both at school and at home. Data by itself is meaningless. The students will be introduced to using the data to answer questions.
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Classroom Math Tools
Big Idea: Students should develop an awareness of and correctly use the classroom tools that are available to assist them with their mathematical learning.
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Walking the Number Line
Big Idea: The number line is a powerful math tool students can use to model their thinking when solving addition and subtraction problems.
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Identifying Coins
Big Idea: Most students think of money when they’re asked where they see math in their world. While money is all around them, they rarely get to use it themselves. This lesson reviews coin identification
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What Time Is It?
Big Idea: The Common Core doesn't include time as a strand, but the ability to use time to reason about the passage of time, and the ability to use a single number on the clock to represent two different quantities are part of the mathematical practices.
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Can You Measure It?
Big Idea: Measurement is one of the 4 Critical Areas in 2nd Grade Math. At the start of the year, students are exposed to a variety of ideas about what math really is. Measurement is one important areas of math that students don't often think of.
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What Can We Do With Math
Big Idea: Students have been exposed to a variety of math tools and uses. Do students know how to access these tools independently when they are faced with a problem to solve?
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