Diane Siekmann

Diane Siekmann
3rd Grade Math
80 Lessons
Sunset Canyon School
Phoenix, AZ
Student Environment:
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3rd Grade Math
117 Lessons
Gallego Basic Elementary School
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Pumpkin Problems: Estimates to Actuals
Big Idea: Critical to mathematical success is developing the sophistication of students’ strategies simultaneously with the teaching and application of key mathematical knowledge.
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Break It Apart
Big Idea: Teaching subtraction, through place value, solidifies foundational concepts while developing flexibility and fluency.
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How Much More Can I  Spend?
Big Idea: Students practice their mental math subtraction strategies using book orders and recording on a balance sheet.
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Make A Ten To Subtract
Big Idea: Students learn nines are easy to subtract. Just think ten...take away 1.
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Subtract Across Zero Using Number Lines
Big Idea: Using a number line to subtract across zeros supports students conceptual understanding of crossing decades when subtracting.
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