Michelle Novelli

Michelle Novelli
Kindergarten Math
105 Lessons
W F Killip Elementary School
Flagstaff, AZ
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Find it on the Number Line!
Big Idea: Before students can ADD on a number line, they need to be familiar with FINDING numbers on a line! This is especially helpful early in the year or with very beginning learners.
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Frogs on the Number Line Pond
Big Idea: This lesson bridges addition with manipulatives and number line addition, so students combine what they know with a new tool for addition.
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Addition Number Line Shuffle
Big Idea: We use a well-known line dance song to help us remember the "rules" of adding on a number line.
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Driving Down the Number Line
Big Idea: Kids love toys and tend to be fascinated with driving, so we "drive" our transportation counters down the number line.
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Math Joy & the Number Line
Big Idea: Free iPad apps are the best! This app utilizes sums to 5, perfect for beginning number line work, and kiddos transfer the problem to a page with a number line for practice.
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Roll & Add Down the Line
Big Idea: Using super easy & inexpensive "tools," students get lots of interactive, fun practice using the number line to add.
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