Michelle Novelli

Michelle Novelli
Kindergarten Math
105 Lessons
W F Killip Elementary School
Flagstaff, AZ
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Wonderful One!
Big Idea: This is the kick-off for the exciting, incredibly important practice with numbers! Talk about laying the foundation--THIS IS IT!!! We set the framework for our hands-on, some guided, and some independent practice (mostly for logistics), to get lots of ex
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Terrific Two!
Big Idea: When working with students with limited early academic backgrounds, it's easy to say, "Two is TOO hard to learn so early in the year!" Two is tough!!! Sometimes it can look like a backwards S, other times a Z, other times something else that DOESN'T rese
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Thrilling Three!
Big Idea: Early in kindergarten, learning numbers can be overwhelming, particularly for students who have had a limited early academic background. These many and varied activities provide a lot of hands-on practice for beginning learners.
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Fabulous Four!
Big Idea: Number sense is so important... & so tricky in the beginning of kindergarten! Here's a hands-on, playful, but meaningful & challenging set of centers to practice 4.
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Fantastic Five
Big Idea: These activities provide lots of hands-on practice with the basics of number 5. Some activities are independent, and one activity is very teacher-directed. so students get a strong base of knowledge and fun opportunities to practice 5.
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Super Six!
Big Idea: Students will enjoy a variety of opportunities to practice 6, including opportunities to move objects, work with play dough, enjoy different textures, and get into the number 6!
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Sensational Seven!
Big Idea: Hands-on, interactive activities where students explore relating a quantity to 7 make time just fly during this lesson!
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Amazing EIght!
Big Idea: A variety of hands-on activities provide lots of multi-sensory practice with "8."
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Nifty Nine!
Big Idea: Students enjoy a variety of hands-on activities to develop the concept of 9.
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Tremendous Ten!
Big Idea: A BUNCH of hands-on, interactive activities allow students to build a strong foundation with the number 10.
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Interactive Anchor Chart - 1
Big Idea: Why just HANG an anchor chart to summarize a key concept, when the students can help you MAKE that anchor chart?!
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Interactive Anchor Chart - 2
Big Idea: Why just HANG an anchor chart to summarize learning when students can help you MAKE an anchor chart?!
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Interactive Anchor Chart - 3
Big Idea: An interactive anchor chart allows students to get involved in the process of celebrating the most important elements of the concept of a number.
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Interactive Anchor Chart - 4
Big Idea: Students help BUILD an anchor chart for the number 4, showing different ways to "make" 4.
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Interactive Anchor Chart - 5
Big Idea: Students help you CREATE the anchor chart with the key elements of the number 5, so you can collectively make a visual reminder of the ways to show 5!
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Interactive Anchor Chart - 6
Big Idea: Students help bring different examples of "6" to one key chart to show many representations of 6. The kindergartners help show ways to make 6!
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Interactive Anchor Chart - 10
Big Idea: Lots of classes use anchor charts, but it's even MORE useful and FUN to make an anchor chart together so that everyone can use and enjoy.
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Hooray! for the 100th Day!
Big Idea: The 100th day of school is HUGE in kindergarten. We celebrate the 100th day with hands-on activities that allow students to count to 100 by ones &/or 10s.
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