Sarah Collins

Sarah Collins
1st Grade ELA
90 Lessons
Palmer Way
National City, CA
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Introduction to Sequencing
Big Idea: Use games and simple exercises to make learning more interesting and memorable.
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The Importance of Sequencing
Big Idea: In this lesson your students will gain more experience identifying the beginning, middle, and end of a story, while learning why it is important to be able to do so.
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Learning and Using Temporal Transitional Words
Big Idea: Using temporal transitional words makes the story make sense
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Retell it in a Picture!
Big Idea: They read the story, they did the work, now give your students the practice they need to master the art of story sequencing!
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Sequencing with Added Detail
Big Idea: Add some detail to your day. Your students will remember this lesson when they use pictures and details to sequence the story!
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