Mary Ellen Kanthack

Mary Ellen Kanthack
4th Grade Science
81 Lessons
Brookwood Middle
Genoa City, WI
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Scientist in the Field: Jane Goodall
Big Idea: An up close and personal look at Jane Goodall helps students understand roles human's play on preserving wildlife and understand how these observations let us know that some animals form groups that help members survive.
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Awesome, Weird, Cool...Not!
Big Idea: From observing a cat to touching and describing mysterious things in brown paper bags, students learn to understand that specialized senses and precise words go hand in hand in developing good inquiry skills.
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My Super Fantanbulous Terrific Science Notebook
Big Idea: When students complete this lesson, they will have an interactive notebook specifically designed to support their personal learning.
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Evidence or Inference?
Big Idea: Students choose between three different experiments to help them understand the difference between scientific evidence and inference.
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 Mystery Powders Day 1
Big Idea: Using common white powders, observation, recording and deduction skills are practiced in this entry level experiment. Students practice teamwork skills and develop lab rapport.
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Mystery Powders Day 2
Big Idea: This lesson is a continuation of observations from Mystery Powders Day 1. We proceed with the vinegar test and watch it do crazy things to our white powders.
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Mystery Powders Day 3
Big Idea: Students test the "Mystery Powder" by dropping various liquids and then determine what's in it using their data and comparison skills.
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Researching the Endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!
Big Idea: Students learn to identify valid resources, skim & scan and explore how to fill out a simple research grid as they research a "tree octopus".
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 The Daffodil Project Part 1
Big Idea: Students study how a daffodil bulb is specifically designed to weather a long cold winter because of specific adaptive parts.
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The Daffodil Project Part 2
Big Idea: In this integrated social studies, science and language arts lesson, students plant their daffodil bulbs after studying and learning about 9-11. Students use their research evidence to deduce how to plant the bulb properly.
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