Mary Ellen Kanthack

Mary Ellen Kanthack
4th Grade Math
140 Lessons
Brookwood Middle
Genoa City, WI
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Subtracting Using  dots, bars, squares and rectangles as a place value model.
Big Idea: Students use a simple method of using pictures that represent place value to subtract.Then they will transfer the concept to a standard algorithm .
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Estimation in Subtraction Using Real Life Scenarios
Big Idea: Students use real life scenarios to practice estimation skills, number sense and critical thinking by using Real Estate Ads and a $5,000,000 budget!
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Subtraction Across Zeros: Using Place Value Understanding to Talk it Through
Big Idea: Students examine misconceptions and learn to use place value language to regroup and subtract fluently using a place value chart.
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RTI : Using the Lead Number to Estimate Addition and Subtraction
Big Idea: Students use the concept of a train to understand the lead number and how to estimate using a standard multi-digit algorithm.
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Get Your Game on and Subtract Fluently with Multi-digits!
Big Idea: Students choose between two games to improve critical thought about place value and mastering multi-digit subtraction.
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Assessment: Addition
Big Idea: Students show what they know about adding multidigit numbers and place value.
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Big Idea: Students show their understanding through a formal assessment.
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