Cassy McCoy Carey

Cassy McCoy Carey
11th Grade ELA
75 Lessons
Rochester High School
Rochester, IL
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About Cassy

This is my fourth year at Rochester High School, and my seventh year teaching! I grew up in a really small town (a village, actually, with a population of 187!) in Northern Illinois. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English with Teacher Certification from Northern Illinois University and also a license in Nail Technology that I earned while taking classes my first year at NIU. Most recently, I completed my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Concordia University-Chicago. I am currently living in Lincoln with my husband Josh and our new black lab puppy, Milwaukee. On school breaks, Josh's son, Nathan (7), joins the chaos that is our house, and we enjoy every minute of it! In my free time I enjoy traveling, shopping, anything outdoorsy, working around the house, reading on my fabulous Kindle, napping with the dog (thank goodness she does that!), cooking things that are healthy yet delicious, and about a million other things. I am professionally interested in all things education-related, but especially how I can be a leader and trainer of others to embrace the Common Core Standards in both theory and application. I truly believe that education is making a tremendous leap forward with these standards, and I want to do as much research and be as big of a help as possible to get these efforts off the ground to help students.
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