Cassy McCoy Carey

Cassy McCoy Carey
11th Grade ELA
75 Lessons
Rochester High School
Rochester, IL
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Planning for Success: Learning Styles & Resources
Big Idea: Starting a course off right takes high expectations, clear goals, and insight into the dozens of distinct learners in the room.
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Historical Introduction to Early American Lit
Big Idea: Is Twilight literature? Let the debate ensue! And you thought the Edward versus Jacob battle was a contentious one...
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Tracing Literary Elements through Music & Origin Myths
Big Idea: Could combining your students' love for music and childhood memories of "story time" really help you teach figurative language? You betcha!
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Cardenas & Columbus: An Objective Exploration?
Big Idea: In the information age, credibility is of dire importance. But is this a new necessity? Columbus might hope you don’t have a fact-checker!
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Literacy & Power with Malcolm X (Day 1 of 2)
Big Idea: Building a powerful framework for the value of literacy sounds like a challenging task, but Malcolm X's story makes the connection easier!
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Literacy & Power with Malcolm X (Day 2 of 2)
Big Idea: Tackle teaching productive group dynamics, close-reading of Malcolm X's autobiography, and the value of literacy all in one day!
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"Lifting the Veil" with Historical Narratives
Big Idea: How are pink slime, iPads, and slavery related? Simple. They were all brought to light by some compelling narratives which elicited change!
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Credible or Incredible?  Smith & Bradford Face Off
Big Idea: Who to believe...a man accused of the "erasure" of colonial history or a man elected as governor 30 times? The answer might surprise you.
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Extended Metaphor with the Puritans & Shel Silverstein
Big Idea: Life is a notebook, my parents are trees, and Jonathan Edwards wants to be a spinning wheel. Can you hold your own with extended metaphors?
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