Ellen Herman

Ellen Herman
4th Grade Science
74 Lessons
John Q Thomas Elementary School
Flagstaff, AZ
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Safety First
Big Idea: In order to set up clear expectations we need lessons to help students understand the rules, directions and safety involved in science.
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Follow the Leader: Following Directions
Big Idea: Following directions and working collaboratively is important as students begin to work in groups both in science and other subjects. This lesson students practice both of these skills.
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Observations of Our School
Big Idea: To get in tune with our senses and how we can use them to observe is important as we begin our work in science. This lesson allows students to explore their school and practice their observation skills.
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Processes of Science
Big Idea: Students will learn the scientific process and the vocabulary that connects to it. They will then practice putting the process together and will create a visual reminder for them to use.
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Sticking Together with Toothpaste Words
Big Idea: Teams of students will take on an experimental task that challenges them to work together. The task becomes harder and students will use their experiences to establish words to describe what they need to do to be a good team member.
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Save Fred!!!
Big Idea: Using specific steps and following rules can be tricky when collaborating with a team. Students will practice their collaboration skills and solve a problem together using the scientific process.
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Bubblegum Blast
Big Idea: Gum is not allowed at school and this activity makes breaking this rule for one day so fun. Students will practice the steps of the scientific method by formulating which bubblegum will blow bigger bubbles. This lesson also focuses their attention on data
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